Survival Guide to Stay Warm in Your Tent

Staying warm inside your tent can make or break your next camping trip. The last thing you want is to be shivering the whole night and curled up in a desperate attempt to warm your body. Relieve a lot of stress and follow these tips on how to stay warm in a tent.

A Perfect Spot to Pitch Your Tent

A surefire way to freeze at night in your tent is to camp in an area exposed to frigid wind. Avoid high points of elevation unprotected by barriers such as trees or a steep hill. Search for a middle point in elevation to create a natural barrier between yourself and any potential wind is the first step in any wintery environment.

Have a Hot Water Bottle Handy

An easy way to fight the cold weather inside your tent is to fill a bottle with hot water. Imagine going to bed at home with a toasty heating pad within your covers. This trick mimics that in the great outdoors.

Boil water as you are preparing to hit the hay (assuming you packed a stove and kettle) and stash it somewhere within your sleeping bag. As an alternative, you can wrap the water bottle in a linen to place it directly against your body. Just like home!

Bring the Proper Sleeping Bag

The right kind of sleeping bag tailored to the type of environment you are camping in is one of smartest decisions you will ever make. If you decide to trek in the midst of winter, then a mummy sleeping bag will keep you snug and warm.

The correct sleeping bag should not be taken lightly when fighting the cold weather inside your tent. You will thank yourself later when you spend a little extra at the store.

Protect Your Body

Remember where the majority of heat escapes the body. The head and feet! It is crucial you keep them warm.

Your head and feet must remain dry and insulated at all times. If you are sweaty, then dry yourself and ensure your sleeping clothes are not damp when you crawl inside your tent for bed.

Pack Insulation for Your Tent

Do not let the cold from the outside sneak inside your tent. When brainstorming how to stay warm in your tent, the warmth of the floor inside your makeshift bedroom should always come to mind. Allowing the cold to sneak inside all night can make you feel miserable by sunrise.

Insulating the bottom of your tent can be a game changer and you can do this in a variety of effective ways. Pack rugs, thick blankets, or even old towels to stuff at the bottom of your tent. Keep the warmth in and cold out!

Wear the Right Clothes

Pack lots of thermal goodies for your camping trip to keep your body warm day and night. A cozy long-sleeve thermal shirt and underwear is the first thing you should be wearing inside your tent.

Do not forget about those layers! Wear comfortable fleece or flannel clothing directly above your thermals for added warmth. For the final touch, add a final layer that will not give way to wind or moisture.

Remember your hats, gloves, and socks. We already stressed the importance of keeping your head and feet warm. Wool is always a great fabric option to go with for the ideal warmth throughout the night.

No matter how warm your tent may be, the wrong set of clothes will still keep you vulnerable to any brutal conditions you may face.

Raise Your Body Temperature

This ties together with our previous tip but goes a little further. A helpful way to fight cold weather inside your tent is to never let your body get cold to begin with. If you are trying to unwind for bed, a cup of warm tea is great to warm your internal body temperature.

An alternative quick fix to warm your body is some brief exercise right before bed. You could try running in place, doing some push-ups and sit ups, or walking around your tent. Boost your heart rate and warm your body but try not to build up a sweat right before bed.

A Portable Heater?

This one has its pros and cons. A tent heater for camping sounds like an easy fix to staying snug inside your tent. If you decide to put one to use, then following safety protocol is imperative.

Read all potential hazards of using a portable heater at your campsite. Always be cognizant of where you place a heater should you use one. Do not put your life at risk by failing to monitor your heater when it is in use.

Closing Thoughts

Camping inside a tent is a fulfilling experience but can be miserable when faced with brutally cold weather. By following the proper guidelines, you can still have a wonderful time enjoying Mother Nature despite a chilly temperature.

Stay warm and have the time of your life on that upcoming trek into the wilderness!

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