ColdAvenger Face Mask Review

Nothing is more crucial during winter than having every layer of protection possible to shield your body from the blustery wind chill. Too many nature lovers forget to protect their face from brutal winter conditions. Enter the ColdAvenger Face Mask!

What is the ColdAvenger Face Mask?


The ColdAvenger Face Mask is designed to provide you with premier protection from the outdoor elements of cold weather. It comes with a patented ventilator to provide comfort while simultaneously warming the air breathed in from the outside.


According to the ColdAvenger website, the ventilator was independently tested and results found that -72 degree F air from outside the ventilator could be turned into 59 degrees F inside the ventilator.


The micro fleece fabric is meant to make the mask light, comfortable, and easy to breathe in while maintaining warmth from harsh winter weather. The latest design provides the ColdAvenger Face Mask with the ability to fit any size to sustain maximum comfort.


You have the option of purchasing the Classic Fleece Mask, Pro Softshell Mask, or the Expedition Balaclava. The Softshell Mask is constructed with the latest softshell fabric to fight the most intense winter conditions. The Expedition Balaclava is a two-piece system that leaves no part of your face uncovered in order to provide another layer of protection.


Comparing Different Masks


The primary difference between the Classic Fleece and Pro Softshell is the type of material used in the mask. The Pro Softshell is made from a fleece that contains a laminate nylon shell to block wind and water.


Users who are more on the go would be best served by the Pro Softshell and those more sedentary are advised to go with the Classic Fleece.


When comparing the Expedition Balaclava to the FR Balaclava, it will be tricky to find any differences. An important thing to note is the FR is flame resistant, whereas the Expedition does not offer that feature.


Pricing of the ColdAvenger Face Masks


The Classic Fleece Mask is available for $35.00 and the ColdAvenger Outlaw design is available for $45.00.


The Pro Softshell Mask can be purchased for $55.00 and the Expedition Balaclava is the priciest option at $65.00.


On the ColdAvenger website, you can currently find great deals on retro face masks. All masks include free domestic shipping among purchase.


How to Clean Your Mask


ColdAvenger recommends two methods of cleaning your mask on the rare occasions they require it.


One way is to wash them with soap and water followed by air drying. Another possible cleaning method is to wipe the inside of the ventilator with a wet cloth or alcohol. These cleaning techniques should rarely have to be used when properly caring for the mask.


The mask should never be washed via a machine.


What Users are Saying?


The Classic Fleece Mask currently has four customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. Multiple reviews commended the mask for working efficiently while being comfortable. One poor review mentioned the mask not warming air for them when using it and difficulties fitting the mask around the nose.


The Pro Softshell Mask currently has over 120 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 and 40% of users rating 5 stars. Many reviews positively remark on the warmth in sub-freezing temperatures, but some reviews complain of fitting issues.


Final Take


As the temperature plunges below zero and further south, it is paramount that you find the right product to protect yourself from subzero weather conditions. Overall, all ColdAvenger products appear to be viable masks to keep you warm while you are outside in the cold.  


For any difficulties with the product, visit the ColdAvenger website for answers of potential concerns customers may have.


Prepare yourself for winter because it will arrive sooner than you think!

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